A Guide To Hay Day


Beginner's Guide to Day

Hay Day is an absurdly well-known plantation emulator for mobile phones and tablets released by Supercell. In this novice's guide to Hay Day, we 'll answer the many frequent Hay Day questions and give some tips that are expert to get your farm started right. Let's start if you are new need a helping hand and to Hay Day!

Hay Day Guide: Coins and Diamonds

Coins would be the standard currency in Hay Day. You will earn them by trying to sell items that the farm creates, and generally you'll spend them on developments to your own farm.

Coins are not quite difficult to come by. When visitors arrive at your farm, they'll ask for items and pay you. Similarly, you can sell things in the roadside shop or to the purchase panel to create coins. As you reap and market the goods of your farm, you will also level-up, that'll uncover properties that are new to buy along with your coins.

Diamonds are the premium money in Hay-Day. A "premium currency" is just something the game gives you a tiny bit of of and ordinarily bills you actual, real dollars for more. Not all Hayday diamonds price money, although!

You can get free diamonds in Hay Day from a number of sources:

Concealed Boxes, which appear like... sparkly red tool boxes. Occasionally these have diamonds in them. Sometimes, still, you want gemstones to open them. So, they're something of a risk.
Obtaining an even sometimes offers you free diamonds in Hay Day.
"Night at the Movies" that's somewhat ticket that's sometimes on the ground close to your mailbox. You will need to see previews for the opportunity at free Hay-Day diamonds.
You are also given complimentary diamonds by ending accomplishments. Exploit on the farm house and also you will see a summary of the benefits and achievements they provide.
That is a daily "Prize Wheel" you'll be able to whirl for a chance at free diamonds. The Wheel might be found from the other side of the road from your own mail box.

Diamonds may be used for several things issues in Hayday. newfrommoto It is possible to devote them to jump timers, even though that is usually a waste. You can also use them to buy rare items, which can be a somewhat better solution to spend them. Finally, they may also be used to include slots to buildings that produce material. This is actually the only approach to include more slots, so that it's wise to save the majority of your gemstones with this purpose.

Harvests are the initial thing you'll figure out how to produce in Hay-Day. Crops are planted in areas. Harness on any area that is empty, to put a crop, then pull the crop you would like to plant onto the empty industry. This will begin a timer. When the timer ends, it is possible to reap the crops by exploiting on the plants and then hauling the sickle over the ready-to- fields.

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